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Argh, we are pirates today!

Today was Friday and we were itching to try something different. A few of the girls were singing a new pirate song they were learning yesterday. Our teacher Jade asked if they wanted to be real pirates and play a game. They agreed and so Jade explained the rules. Every child playing had to close their eyes and count to 20, then they’d have to search outside for jades treasure. This time the treasure was his sun glasses. Alisha was the first one to find them and decided to wear her new treasure proudly. After that the rest of the tamariki wanted a chance to find them. It was a great experience and the perfect way to end the week.

Tire tower anyone?

Today we took down the tire bridge and created a tire tower in the sandpit. The children helped by digging the hole that the tires would be placed into. Our teacher Jade then made sure it was all secure. Once he gave the all clear, the children explored their new resource.

painting, climbing and building.

Today the weather was not the best and so we were aware of the time we had outside. Painting was a real focus for the tamariki (children) this morning. However the younger children had a different focus, they wanted to climb things! it was great to see the little ones stretch their muscles and take some risks. When the rain came we went inside and the tamariki started making a block city.

Kina anyone?

Yesterday we were given an amazing surprise from one of the parents. They had gone fishing/diving during the weekend and found some ‘Kina’ (sea urchin). When they gave us some Kina, we were perplexed. How do you open a shell that’s jagged everywhere? Luckily the parent was not busy and showed us how to open it. The children were in awe as we got to see the inside of this specimen.

Monday blues? Not at Mt Royal

Yesterday was Monday and how do we shake the weekend blues? We go to the forest and have some much needed fun. Our teacher Mary Louise led the expedition and reminded us of road safety and why we should walk as a group. Once we got the the forest the teachers had an idea. “Would you guys like to do a relay?”. The children loved the idea and after a quick explanation of the rules, they were off. After the race was over we had some free time to either do some rock climbing or explore the surrounding trees. What a great way to spend a Monday!

Trucks Trucks Trucks


Today we decided to get the trucks out, to see if any of the tamariki were interested. Oh boy were they, you can see that they started with the trucks going down the slide. After this they moved to the tyre bridge and played search and rescue. All in all it was a great way to end the week.

More and more making.

Today the children seemed to have one thing in mind, “What can we make?”.  We had children at the carpentry table making planes and boats. We had some making towers out of the blocks. Even inside the children wanted to make more art using weaving. All in all it was a fantastic creative Thursday.

Mt Royal ECE Centre Newsletter (August 2018)

MT Royal ECE Centre Newsletter

Winter is slowly starting to melt away, with our warm mid morning days, we are starting to feel and see more of the sun. Not to forget daylight-saving next month, change is around the corner for our seasons as well as our centre, with new equipment and wall displays and natural resources..

With our integration of our environment reflecting the essences of nature and what skills and learning dispositions can be captured through being more in touch with papatuanuku, is taking the centre on a whole new exciting journey discovering the benefits and connections with our children and whanau. This has been especially appreciated with collecting shells, leaves etc., has been gathered and brought in to the centre, so we would like to take this opportunity to thank our families for their contributions.

What’s been Happening!

Big thank you to our Whanau who helped us to celebrate Matariki, coming together and sharing their cultural food and making this evening a great success. Dress-up day was so much fun on Friday in the month of July. We continue to enjoy walking with the children to the Mt Albert summit once a week, we are also discovering many things to talk about on the way to the summit with houses being built and interesting machinery. On that note just a little reminder to please bring a jacket and suitable footwear for the muddy forest walk.

A big thank you to Isis (Ruby’s’ mum) for her contribution towards cooking soup with our Tamariki in the centre, using easy accessible vegetables from home . With a message of healthy eating and nutrition.
The Tamariki along with the kaiako are slowing moving towards using natural resources in the learning environment .
A mud kitchen has been added in the outside play area.

Coming Events:

Library Visit : 9th August

10.30 am Parents are welcome to join in.

ERO review visit August 13th and 14th.

Information about the ERO visit is displayed on the notice board.

Welcome Spring 6th September.


Farewell to Espernaza off to school.

Farewell to Daanya off to school in September.

Happy Birthday August:

Emerson 2yrs old

Iyaan 4yrs old

Nayture 4yrs old

Susan 4 yrs old

September turning 3

Mahera and santiago

Henry turns 2yrs old.