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Construction Time

Construction has been a big interest at Mt Royal for over a month now and we love to see how the children are developing and coming up with new ways all on their own to extend their interest/knowledge in construction. These photos show the development of one building into a whole city called ‘St Lukes Mall City’. The project was developed over two days showing great passion and commitment from our children.

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Easter Sports Day

The Children at Mt Royal have been interested in sport and of course Easter with it being right around the corner.  So what better way to combine the two interests than to have an Easter Sports Day!

The children had so much fun on the Easter egg hunt, then it was a chocolate egg on a spoon race and a sack race!

Later in the day we also featured a few Ballerina Bunnies!048 046 100 101 103040 033 025 016 014 012 010 076 075 074 072

Chinese New Year

The start of the Chinese New Year is very exciting and important to explore the symbols and stories of our community and wider world.  We started our journey  with a story book about the happenings and traditions of the Chinese New Year. Lots of children were very interested in the picture of a dancing dragon. So I suggested we make our own dancing dragon. After lunch Brae was very interested in painting the face and body of our dancing dragon. We used cardboard to paint the face and material to paint the body, not to forget the tail too. After it was dry we put the scales on, and our dancing dragon was ready to come alive.

Opportunities and possibilities: Let us continue to appreciate the many cultures of our community and wider world. Let us continue to offer a variety of books and related symbols that may offer opportunities for further exploration.

Te Whariki: Belonging G2 (Mana whenua)-Children and their families experience an environment where connecting links with the wider world are affirmed and extended.

Communication: G4 – Children experience stories and symbols of their own and other cultures.

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