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Soup Day

What a excitement for the soup day, our tamariki were eager to share the different vegetables they brought from home to make soup at the Centre.

A big thank you goes to the parent volunteer who came to the Centre and made soup with our tamariki.

The fun part for our tamariki was when they had to taste the soup, wow what a mixed reaction from our tamariki.  Some really enjoyed the soup while others tried our yummy soup.  Going through the soup making process was really fun and exciting for our tamariki.

Tamariki enjoying the yummy soup! 

Matariki Dinner Night 2018

Mt Royal Early Learning Centre takes pride in celebrating various cultural events at the Centre. It was our greatest privilege to celebrate Matariki with the parents/caregivers, tamariki and kaiako  by getting together as a big family and sharing dinner.

The children’s performance was one of the highlights of the celebration.  Big thank you goes to Velmar who came as a special guest to perform.

We would also like to thank our Whānau who made this matariki celebration a great success.

We all had great time!!

Nature Walk

Walk to the  Mt Albert summit was a great success today. Visiting the local bush did not only ring with the sounds of birds but the excited chatter and laughter of a small group of tamariki from exploring the nature.  The tamariki experienced “Being” in Nature playing and learning alongside their peers and with the guidance of Kaiako. We believe in giving our children time and opportunity to connect with nature, a place where they can build emotional and physical resilience-they need to love the Earth before we ask  them to care and protect it- then they will become true nga kaitiaki (guardians) of our whenua (land).

At Mt Royal our current focus is on giving  tamariki opportunity to appreciate the gift of nature and walk to the bush/mountain is going to be something we will do on a regular basis.

We definitely did not feel like  coming back but we will surely go for this nature walks regularly.

Exciting Week at Mt Royal

First week of school holidays and the tamariki at Mt Royal had great fun despite the fact that it was bit quiet. some children have gone on holiday and some decided to spend some time with their older sibling.

One of the privilege at Mt Royal is having mixed age setting and the younger ones enjoys older children’s company and they do not hesitate to take challenges.

Another fun and enjoyable week at Mt Royal where the major interest of the children shined through for natural resources/environment.

Bingo game with natural resources

PlantingTaking challege-climbing

Dinosaurs and Literacy

Interest in dinosaurs continues among our tamariki after the trip to the Butterfly Creek. They enjoy making dinosaur land and pretend playing being dinosaurs whether  indoor or outdoor environment. It has been noted that children appreciate the addition of natural resources in their everyday play.


The children have not only been interested in Dinosaurs this week but also being creative  and expressing themselves through drawing, painting and writing developing their literacy skills.

Flax weaving- Parent Volunteer

Our active explorers  Centre are a group of family oriented, where creative thinking is celebrated though enquiry based learning.

Parents are a big part of our Centre and today was no different when one of the parent volunteered to teach our tamariki weaving.

Tamariki learning how to weave using paper strips firstly and then they experienced the weaving with flax celebrating and respecting Pacific island and Maori culture.