Mix and Match

L– It was a quiet day and you decided to sit down and connect the joiners together. You built a very tall building and together we counted how many joiners you had used together we counted 30. L I would say the number then you would repeat it after me.

After we had built the tower I decided to extend your interest by challenging you with a sorting learning experience. We took all the joiners off the board and I put one colour of each joiner on the board. We went through the colours and you were a bit unsure of a    couple but with a bit of guidance you told me all the colours, well done!

L after we had been through the colours I asked you if you could match the joiners by colour to the ones on the board? L you were a bit unsure of what I was asking but once I showed you what I wanted there was no stopping you and you easily accomplished the task. After you had sorted the joiners accordingly into colours it was obvious that some colours were a lot taller than others. L I decided to challenge you even further by  asking you which tower was the tallest? You easily pointed to the white tower and told me “this one.” Then I asked you which tower was the smallest? You replied “that one” and pointed to the yellow tower, great work!

What I think L is learning…L is gaining confidence in his ability to follow instructions. He is working on extending his math knowledge through one to one counting and colour recognition.

Pathways and Possibilities

L is showing an interest in math so I would like to offer him math exploration learning experiences. For example the teddy sorting game where we can explore colour, shape and patterns.

Whanau Voice-Does L interest in math extend to home?

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