The children had a great time exploring the puddles after we had experienced some rain. There was not only jumping but an abundance of mud pies to taste, yummy. The older children drew patterns in the mud and attempted to write letters. A great natural resource!

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October Newsletter 2015

October 2015  

Summer is coming! So please start to send a named hat for your child. We ask that you please send your child with 3 sets of clothes.  Water play is very popular with the children in the warmer months. If they do not have a change of clothes they will be unable to participate in the water play and will miss out on a valuable learning experience.

If you have waterproof overalls at home and would like your child to wear them at Mt Royal feel free to bring them in, but make sure they are named.

What has been happening?

Wow, so much has been happening since our last newsletter the children are continuing with transport as an interest and to extend the children even further the fire department are coming to Mt Royal on Wednesday the 7th of October. Another spontaneous interest to develop has been magic! The interest was started by some slinky paper. Brae was very interested in how it changed size and declared “it’s just like magic!” This then started an impromptu   magic show! The children were so interested in ‘magic’ that we have been doing science experiments to extend the children and show the children that science can be magical. Some science experiments so far have been making raisins dance, melting ice with salt and hearing the pop and crackle sounds coming from the ice as it melted and a magic card trick that made dots disappear!  Look out for pictures of more ‘magic’ as we do more science experiments. As the children’s interest in magic has developed more children wanted to explore magic and we could see magic exploration present all over the centre. Children were outside finding sticks to turn into wands. Making magician and wizard hats was a popular learning experience and all over the centre children could be heard practising magical words and spells. Magic became such a popular interest that we had to put on a big magic show. We even enlisted the help our friend Poka Dot the Clown. The children all dressed up and the stage was set for anyone who wanted to perform a magic trick. We made popcorn and biscuits to enjoy as the clown preformed for us.


What is New?

Welcome to Micah Austin, Olivia and Eneko’s families. We hope you enjoy your time at Mt Royal and we look forward to getting to know you all.

We are using our Mt Royal Early Learning Centre facebook page. So go have a look and check out our photos which we update regularly.

Please encourage your child to sign in everyday 

Please let them try to write their name independently. It may not seem like it but their circles and lines are the first step/stage to forming letters.


Happy Birthday to Tamsin who turned 3 in September. Also Cooper who turns 5 at the end of the month. He will be off to school. We will miss you so much Cooper!


A Great Deal

Recommend a friend and when they enrol you will get 1 weeks free childcare!


The fire department are coming to Mt Royal on the 7th of October.

Christmas is just around the corner we will let you know what we are planning for our Christmas party.

Thank you The Mt Royal Team

The Firemen Came to Mt Royal!

What a wonderful morning the children and teachers had when the Avondale Fire Service came to visit us. They were very informative and answered all the children’s questions. The children enjoyed seeing the fireman in his full fire suit.I think the highlight of the visit for the children was being able to use the hose and going in the fire truck.  018 023 029 030 037 039 042 043 044 045 047 049 050 054 058

Mask of Fun

E, today you brought a couple of masks in to show the children at mat-time. You also wanted to use the mask in your play. E, you fully understood the rules for having belonging from home used in .

I specially noticed the way you were delegating the masks out to the children and making sure everybody knew when their turn was next. The play within the family corner was very harmonies and kind atmosphere.

Short term review– E your story explains that your sense of belonging has grown to the point when you are starting to take responsibility and contribution to the direction of your play. (Learning disposition– contribution= taking responsibility).

Opportunities and possibilities- Let us continue to support your ability to take responsibility within your environment.

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Arctic Exploration

Teacher: Hailey               Date: 1/10/15


L-You arrived quite late today and your friends were busy exploring and investigating with ice on the deck. L you seemed excited by the prospect of ice and water play. L you eagerly found an apron and asked me to put it on for you. I encouraged you to have a go by yourself first. This was not the answer you were looking for and I could see it frustrated you. After considering your options for a minute you then began to put the apron on by yourself, well done and then began to explore with your friends.

L you filled the big red bucket with ice and water and you were exploring the feel of the ice as you ran your fingers over the ice in the water.   L as you filled your bucket with water higher and higher you realised that the ice floated on top of the water. L this seemed to ignite your curiosity in objects that float and sink as this lead you to begin exploring floating and sinking with the boats. L you put the boat on the water and observed what happened, you exclaimed to me “it floats!” Then slowly you began to pour water onto the boat checking at irregular intervals whether the boat was under or on top of the water. When the boat was underneath the water you shouted “it sunk, it sunk.” L I really enjoyed observing your learning and seeing your excitement as you set your own goals in your investigation.


What is L Learning?

Basic math concepts of measurement

Setting his own goals and achieving his own challenges set.

Basic science concepts like melting, hot and cold.

Pathways and Possibilities

To offer L a variety of objects and have L predict whether they float or sink. Then let him explore the learning and see the outcome of his challenge

To work on L’s confidence on what he can do.