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M-Since you have started at Mt Royal Early Learning Centre I have noticed your interest in transport develop and grow. M at first you were following the other children’s interest, as transport has been an ongoing interest here at Mt Royal. But as you settled and I got to know you I could see that transport was /is one of your passions /interests. Your love  for transport has been a great way for you to re establish friendships and make new ones. M as your          confidence and sense of belonging has grown you are now one of the children leading the interest in transport.

M whenever you are outside you are always on a bike or using the wagon to practise your driving skills. You use the wagon as a carriage to transport friends or in role play and it becomes an  ambulance. M you have a good general knowledge of the road rules and to extend your interest we made traffic light signs to put around the playground. M you love when I show a green light and you can keep going fast but you are not always so keen to stop at a red light!

M inside you can often be found exploring the vehicles and setting up a construction site to use the crane, diggers and trucks. You also love to get chairs out and role play being on a  bus or train. The Wheels on the Bus song can often be heard as you and your friends engage in your role play.  M this interest in vehicles has helped you to form friendships with your peers as words are often not needed when you may have been feeling shy during your first couple of days at Mt Royal. This is definitely not the case now as you can be heard conversing with your friends and teachers around the centre. You especially love to talk about your favourite book ‘Trashy Town’. M I look forward to extending your interest further and learning along side you on this journey.

Links to Te Whariki

Communication Goal 4 LO 3 Children develop skills with media that can be used for expressing a mood or a feeling or for representing information…

Exploration Goal 1 LO 3 An expectation that they take control for their own learning.

Belonging Goal 1 LO 6 Knowledge about the role of the wider world of work, such as  police or fire service.

Pathways and possibilities

To find out what M knows about transport and see where he wants to take his interest. To plan a visit for the emergency services.

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