August News Letter

August 2015  

Winter is truly here! We ask that you please send your child with a warm jacket to wear outside. If they do not have a warm jacket they cannot go outside to explore and will miss out on exciting learning experiences. A great addition to a warm jacket is gumboots! Who doesn’t love to jump in puddles, but wet shoes are not fun for anybody. If you have waterproof overalls at home and would like your child to wear them at Mt Royal feel free to bring them in, but make sure they are named.

What has been happening?

The children are still interested in maths and construction. To extend the children’s learning we are going to explore the possibility of mosaics. Please feel free to donate any tiles you have spare. For some of the children they are moving towards transport and this will be one of our next centre of interest. This interest started from the Lego and trucks that was kindly donated to us by Emma’s mum (Alaina).  The Lego was a police station set with the possibility to make different police vehicles. This has re-ignited the children’s passion for transport. They love building cars, planes, boats and other vehicles that they use their imaginations to create! Outside the children are showing an interest in road safety and road rules/signs. I have spent many days being a traffic light!

Our other on going centre of interest is flags and countries. This interest has been sparked by Bastille Day. The national French day we celebrated at Mt Royal with fresh baguette and crepes, yum!

What is New?

We have started to implement a transition to school programme. We are lucky enough to have Rebecca (our permanent reliever on Mondays) who has given some ideas to bridge the gap between primary and early childhood education. The ‘get ready for school’ programme is still fun and play based but with challenges set and resources used that they will encounter at school. We will try and use their current interest to extend their learning at this time as well. As children learn best when they are engaged, motivated and having fun (check out our display board).

Please encourage your child to sign in everyday

Please let them try to write their name as it may not seem like it but their circles and lines are the first step/stage to forming letters.


Happy Birthday to Isabelle, Emma and Nooraldeen. Isabelle and Nooraldeen turn 5 in August and we wish them all the best at school and we hope you come back to say ‘hi’ and let us know how you are getting on.

Thank you

Thank you to Isis for helping fix the children’s computer. The children are so happy they can explore and work on their computer skills.

A Great Deal

Recommend a friend and when they enrol you will get 1 weeks free childcare!


Wheels Day will be the 12th of August (weather permitting). Please bring a bike with a helmet for your child to ride.

Father’s Day is soon. We will keep you informed as to what we are planning.

Thank you The Mt Royal Team.




Jumping Jam With Friends

T- Lately I have been noticing that friendships with your peers are beginning to play a more important role in your day at Mt Royal.  Especially your friendships with T and A.

T today outside you were working on your jumping skills. T you are great at jumping on the spot and so brave jumping off the boxes.

T you were outside playing with T and A. You were climbing on the big boxes and wanted to jump off with your friends but they were a bit unsure . So I suggested you try from the little green box. This then presented a problem though, as the green box was only big enough for one person to jump off at a time. Where as the big boxes all three of you can jump off at once.

I observed you all to see if you could solve this problem on your own but turn taking never came up. So I stepped in and put turn taking in place. You all were so wonderful at respecting each others turns.  You patiently waited on the side for your turn to come. You also clapped in support when your friends had jumped off the box.

T you are finding it is not always easy forming friendships and playing with others as it means a lot of compromise which is difficult no matter what age you are. T you have a lovely disposition and I look forward to seeing how your friendships grow and develop.

Parents Voice


Pathways and possibilities

To encourage and support T  when she finds it difficult in her friendships. To play team games and which encourage turn taking.

Links to Te Whariki

Communication Goal 1 LO 1– Children develop reciprocal skills such as turn taking and offering.

Contribution Goal 3 LO 1-Children develop strategies and

skills for initiating , maintaining and enjoying a relationship

with other children-including turn taking, problem solving

and negotiation…

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Exploring with Shaving Foam



IMG_3060                IMG_3058  

A- Last week I set up a shaving foam exploration learning experience for you and your friends, from the look  on your face and how you spent a long time exploring the shaving foam you seemed to really enjoy the learning experience. I wanted to continue your interest in exploring the shaving foam, so I set up the shaving foam learning experience again with the added element of dye. This was so I could extend your knowledge on colours and colour mixing while having lots of fun. A you looked like you were having a great time working on your gross and fine motor skills by squeezing, pressing and making patterns in the shaving foam. A you had a huge smile on your face and you loved sharing with me what you were doing and experiencing as it was happening. When the dye came out you enquired as to what it was? I told you it was dye and with the dye droppers we are going to put dye onto the shaving foam and see what happens. A you could not wait to add this new element to the shaving foam, you eagerly used the dropper and put the colour on the foam. You enjoyed watching how the dye ran down the foam and changed the colour where the dye touched the foam. A you looked like you really enjoyed mixing the colours as you had a huge smile on your face and you were moving your hands really fast when you were mixing the dye into the foam.

A we had three colours on the table, yellow, blue and purple. We talked about the colours, you knew all of them well done. We also talked about what might happen if we put all three of the colours on the shaving foam. When I asked you what might happen you told me you didn’t know. A I really enjoyed being on this learning journey with you and getting to know you and your humorous personality.


Pathways and Possibilities

To extend A learning of numbers using other messy play learning experiences.

To work on A’s knowledge of colours in Te Reo.

Links to Te Whariki The Early Childhood Curriculum

Strand 5 Exploration Goal 1 LO4 and LO6

The knowledge that trying things out, exploration and curiosity are important and valued ways of learning.

The knowledge that playing with ideas and materials with no objective in mind can be enjoyable, creative and valid approach to learning.

Parents Voice