What’s been happening

Celebrating Easter, ANZAC and Mother’s day has been an important part of our programme. The children were interested in pirates, Peter Pan and Captain Hook. This interest came to a close with the construction and painting of a Pirate ship, which was created from banana boxes. The left over banana boxes created a lot of space for our children to use their imagination.

Our next interest was construction. The children liked measuring their construction, so our next programme is developing into measuring (math’s). M brought his measuring tape from home; this provoked a deeper interest in measuring and numbers. We will continue to explore where this interest will go. Please feel free to bring a measuring item from home.

If your child has a special interest that a parent wishes to share with us, please let the team know, so that we can incorporate this into your child’s programme.


Team Mt Royal




Winter Time

As the days are getting colder, and with the loss of daylight savings (hope everyone enjoyed their extra hour sleep-in) we’re all starting to dress warmer. We ask still that you send your child into the centre with three full changes of clothes in their bag. With the weather turning, it’s even more important that the children can change into something warm and dry after playing in the damp sandpit. From the beginning of winter, we will be insisting that children wear warm hats outside, such as knitted hat or hoods, just as we have been insisting that they wear sun hats in the hot months.

It is with such delight that the teachers at Mt Royal and parents formally welcome our new staff member Hailey.
Hailey will be a great contribution to strengthen our programme.

Thank you to Jenifer and L for sharing your wonderful story book about your tramping trip. The children were especially interested in the cave that L noticed on his trip. This inspired us to make a cave with the banana boxes we already had.

We would also like to say a big thank you to the families who have contributed into all aspects of our service. Kazue for making the origami poster for our cultural wall, Isis for helping solve our computer problems and collecting pine cones, Greg for picking our avocados, Hailey for donating a box of Kiwi fruit, Jane for donating Feijoas, Karina for donation of resources, Gingerbread cake and dress-ups with accessories and to Alaina for donation of a variety of toys.

This month is Matariki! We will have a variety of experiences to celebrate the Maori New year.