Books are such an important part of our culture at Mt Royal Early Learning centre. Over the last couple of weeks  at book time L is always passing me the Pinocchio story book to me to read to her. To help extend the joy of this wonderful story I asked the children to bring in any Pinocchio/puppets to the centre. Over the next couple of days B and myself brought in our Pinocchio puppet toys.

After showing the Pinocchio puppet/toys  at mat-time the children were so captivated with the puppet/toy Pinocchio that was brought in.  Then reading the story Pinocchio, we talked about the  shapes of  Pinocchio’s body. Later on in the morning the children were very enthusiastic about drawing their own Pinocchio. Over the next couple of days we painted a giant paper Pinocchio and put it up on the wall. N spontaneously came up to me and said “What about a Pinocchio day!”. That was a great idea N, like a party day for Pinocchio. So we decided to have a Pinocchio party!

A week later C reminded me that we needed to put  up  a “Pinocchio Birthday sign”, Which was for our Pinocchio day party. C also wondered how old Pinocchio was. Lets try and find out C.

Book information: Pinocchio was written by Carlo  in Florence Italy and the first published book was in 1883.

The magic of Pinocchio enchanted the children’s hearts today at our Pinocchio Party. Of course Pinocchio being Italian , we had to have all things Italian, especially  yummy pizza !

We started our party with making long noses,a few if the girls were especially interested in making. B was so creative with his nose, he used a carrot!

At morning tea the children had the opportunity to make a fruit platter in the shape of Pinocchio. I was especially interested in this activity.

After morning tea we did lots of baking. We had so many helpers. After lunch we put the cakes on a sliver tray, then the cakes were cut and arranged in the shape of Pinocchio. We discussed the shapes that we needed to make the  Pinocchio’s body shape. Afterwards lots of  children iced and decorated our Pinocchio cake. Wow, Amazing job done ! !

By Mary Louise


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Maori Stories and Legends

‘How Maui slowed the Sun’ has become one of our favourite stories. The children become mesmerized when we play it for them on the computer and the interest has been noticed in the children’s art work and imaginative play. We have also introduced the story of “How Maui found his Mother” and “Maui and the Giant Fish”. The children love the Maori music that is played in these stories and are fascinated by the illustrations. We decided to make the sun from the story and experimented with drawing koru. We have also made poi and will be learning how to dance with them. There are so many different avenues that we can take this learning journey on – we are very excited to see where it goes!

By Ally – September 2014


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