Get Out! Stay Out!

The ‘Get Out! Stay Out!’ programme has taught us so many things about how to be safe if we are ever caught in a fire. We have talked about the importance of smoke alarms as they can ‘sniff’ the smoke and let us know if there is a fire by making a loud beeping noise. We have looked at our fire extinguishers and talked about how they work. One of the most important things for the children to know is the different ways that they can escape from their house and where to meet their family outside. We have had many discussions at mat times about the ‘Get Out, Stay Out’ rule and to never go back into a burning building.

We have the ‘Get Out! Stay Out!’ classroom storybook that we read together at mat times and we sing the ‘Get Out! Stay Out!’ song that is on a CD. The children have also been given their own take-home storybooks so that they can share what they are learning with their family.

Over the past few weeks, the children have been involved in many different activities to do with fire safety and firefighters. It is great to see how much they are learning, and that they know the dangers of fire and how smoke alarms and extinguishers work. A lot of the children are demonstrating their interest and knowledge through pretend play – we see lots of little firefighters racing around in fire trucks and putting out fires at Mt Royal on a daily basis J

The Fire Service will be visiting us in a few weeks time to talk with the children and show us their important firefighting equipment. We are very excited for them to come and support us with the Get Out! Stay Out! programme.

By Ally – August 2014


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