Bunnies at Mt Royal!

 Wow! We were so excited when Alyce told us that she was going to bring two babies bunnies to visit us at Mt Royal – how lucky are we? The baby bunnies were only 5 weeks old, but they looked quite big as their mummy is a Flemish Giant rabbit from Butterfly Creek.

Alyce set up a pen for the bunnies on the deck – we watched as she set it up to be comfortable for them with a carry box to snuggle in, bunny food, water, hay and grass. Alyce told us that because the bunnies live at Butterfly Creek they are very used to being touched so the children could all give them gentle pats.

A few times during the day, Alyce extended the pen so that the children could sit down with the bunnies and have them hop around them and have lots of cuddles. The children did a great job at being careful to ensure the bunnies didn’t get hurt or scared.

How lovely it was to have these beautiful bunnies visit us at Mt Royal – it sparked a lot of conversation about animals and pets and visits to Butterfly Creek. Some of the children brought the bunnies into their play by constructing bunny houses or drawing pictures of bunnies – we even hopped around like bunnies outside.

This was also a great opportunity for the children to learn about how to care for and look after animals.

By Ally – July 2014

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