The Wheels on the Bus

There was a bus and lots of bus drivers at Mt Royal this afternoon! Once afternoon tea had finished I suggested that we all bring the chairs to the carpet and create a big long bus. One of the children proposed that we needed some steering wheels, so we cut out lots of circles and used them to steer the bus. As the children sat in their bus, we had “the wheels on the bus” playing on the computer and the children all sang along together.

 I have seen a few buses and trains being created lately with the chairs and even the tyres and kitchen furniture outside. I wonder what else we could use to create buses and trains and other vehicles.

By Ally – May 2014



Just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who came along on Friday and made our Disco such a great success. We’ve had some great feedback from some of the parents already, as well as lots of smiles from the children. We’ve got plans as to how to improve for next time, but as a first disco, I think it went really well!

Photos will be being sent out along with the next newsletter in the next couple of weeks; if there is a photo that you would like for your personal collection, flick me an email at and I will send it out when I get a chance.