The Tree House – Fishing Ship

The wild and windy weather brought down a big branch from the avocado tree overnight – the children were quite fascinated with the branch and dragged it along the path together. As they dragged it, some of the leaves and smaller branches fell off. I can’t recall whose idea it was to decorate the ship with the branches, but all of the children were very keen to cover the ship in leaves! We pulled every single leaf and branch off the main branch and created the “Tree-House Fishing-Ship”.

The children worked so well together to create this masterpiece! They talked with each other about where the branches should go and also created fishing rods with some of the branches.

Such a fun and creative activity that involved teamwork and imaginative play. We will definitely make use of other fallen branches in the future!

Getting Ready for Easter!

The children created a lovely ‘Happy Easter’ poster decorated with pictures of eggs and patterns.

So many lovely Easter baskets, hats, bunny ears and drawings have been created for our Easter window display and for the children to take home.

The children are really enjoying all of the activities we have been doing for Easter, and quite often ask for new and different activities to work on. They are very pleased with the work that is displayed on the window, and are very much looking forward to when the Easter Bunny visits with his goodies for them!

April 2014



Squelchy, gooey, slippery mud. Between fingers and toes. This is what B, N and D were making outside the other day. They were all very industriously and determinedly making mud in one of the hollows of the ground outside. Their mud play was swapping between contextual play with the trucks and a building site, and just them exploring the mud with their bodies. B and D in particular really wanted to cover themselves in the slippery liquid that they had created, sitting in the hole so that their feet would get soaked. N chose not to put his whole body in the mud, instead just using his hands and small spades with his hands. This was really really popular activity. It had the three boys ensconced for most of the morning when they were outside. They were very into their building site and road making. Trucks and roads are often topic of interest at the centre, which is really no surprise considering how close we are to the major motorway project. Perhaps we could look online at the motorway project the next time this interest recurs. In the meantime, I’ll be sure to encourage some more majorly messy play so that they can have some more time to experience the various sensations across their bodies before the weather gets too cold to allow this. Emily, April ‘14