We’re going on Bug Hunt!

We have seen many bugs in our bug books and on the computer, so we decided to go and find some real bugs in our garden! The first place we looked was under the rocks by the strawberry plants – Ally pushed the rocks over so we could see what was hiding underneath. We saw some black and brown spiders, millipedes and some slugs! We then moved over to the flat rocks by the sandpit – we discovered some slate bugs, more spiders and even a moth caterpillar. We also saw lots of ants living and working together and what we thought might be insect eggs. “Where can we look now?” the children asked, after thinking about places bugs might like to live, we decided to lift up the safety mats under the avocado tree where we found some earth worms.

We have been on many bug hunts over the past couple of weeks, sometimes we have taken the insect books with us on our hunt to see if we can match and name the insects we find. We have even made bug-hunting-binoculars to help us find even more bugs. We have also recently discovered the skins (or exoskeletons) of cicadas in the garden and have watched some clips on YouTube of how they come out of their skin.

I am sure that there will be many more bug hunts happening in our outdoor environment, I wonder what else we can discover in the garden?

By Ally – February 2014




A Ukulele Mat Time

For mat time this morning, I brought out  my ukulele to accompany the children as they were Little Flying Saucers. After we had finished the song, E asked if she could have  a turn playing my ukulele.

So, E, L, L and N all had turns playing the ukulele for the remainder of mat time. They all  passed the instrument  to give their friends turns without me asking them to, and as each person played, the others all sat quietly to listen and watch them play.

This is certainly something that I’m going to facilitate again, perhaps another mat time soon. All of this group at our “younger” mat time really adore music, so I’ll be sure to continue to foster this interest.

Fabulous Face Painting

With our interest in bugs and  insects , the face paints came out the other day and lots of the children asked to become butterflies so they could flap around  the centre. After A, C and H had all been painted by Ally and Emily, these three children wanted to try their hand at painting someone each themselves! L, N and E had just gotten up from their afternoon naps. A asked Emily if he was allowed to paint her, and she was soon given a n “Iron Man” on her cheek. Something small that he spent a great deal of time getting all of the details right on. H painted E’s face, making her all spotty, which E giggled at and said was “Tickly”. C painted N’s face, he requested to be a blue and yellow tiger. When his stripes were done, he went around growling and going “rarrarhhhhh” with a tremendous grin on his face. Now that E was all painted, she decided that  she wanted to paint someone too, so guided L (who had been busy watching everyone else) onto a chair where upon she very delicately painted his face and tops of his arms.  I was thoroughly impressed with  everyone’s attention to detail as they painted each other’s faces and arms. They all made sure not to get the paint in anyone’s eves and were all very kind and reassuring when their paintee had their eyes closed.  Well done everyone. I’ll definitely be getting the paints out for you all again soon. I do wonder, if the majority wanted to be butterflies this time so they could fly around the centre, what will they want to be next time? Cicadas? Bees?

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